Health Insurance Quote

At Paschall Health Insurance offer plans from several highly rated carriers.  Each of our health insurance plans are good for any doctor or hospital!  Since we have no out of network penalties, you literally have the ability to use any doctor or hospital you wish, anywhere in the Unites States, anytime you want to go.  Period.  You get a small co-pay, and a referral is never needed for a specialist.  None of our health insurance plans require you to satisfy a huge deductible every year before benefits start to pay out.  Best of all the premiums are affordable, on average 30 to 60% less than other health insurance plans commonly available.

Another key ingredient which sets us apart is the service which Bill Paschall provides after the initial enrollment.  When you enroll with us that is the day the relationship starts, not finishes.   Other features many of our plans include tele-medicine, which will give you the ability to contact a doctor by phone for minor illnesses, allergies, and colds.  In many cases this will eliminate the need for an office visit and saves time, money and exposure to germs at the doctors office. In addition, a special concierge service is available which will assist you and your family with finding doctors and healthcare facilities, obtaining best available pricing for medical treatment and prescriptions, scheduling appointments or transferring  medical records on behalf of your employee’s and their family.  These services come in addition to our P.P.O. network discounts and are built in with most of our health insurance plans at no additional charge to save you time, hassle, and money!

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