I have a pre-existing medical condition. Can I buy health insurance from Paschall Health Insurance?
Yes, we can help anyone find insurance!

How is Paschall Health Insurance different from other health insurance companies?
As an independent agent, Paschall Health Insurance offers a wide selection of health plans from many health insurance companies. This gives you more choices and therefore a better opportunity to find a plan that fits your needs at a price you can afford. Paschall Health Insurance also provides personalized service to help you make a health plan decision with confidence.

I don't live in East Texas. Can you help me with health insurance?
Yes, we assist people from all over the United States!

How do you protect my private information?
Paschall Health Insurance will not share your personal information with anyone other than those specifically involved in the processing of your health insurance quote or application.

Will my health insurance coverage be good nationwide?
Yes! Your policy will be good in all 50 states. 

I need health insurance for my child. Can you help me with this?
Yes! We write child only policies frequently.

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