Health Insurance for College Students

College is a time of growth and learning. But, it also comes with its fair share of struggles. With tuition, textbooks, and daily living expenses to worry about, you shouldn’t also be stressed if unexpected medical bills pop up.

With Psachall Health Insurance, you can focus on your studies and rest easy knowing your health is protected. Enjoy a healthier, worry-free college experience with our college student health insurance plans.

Health Coverage from Paschall Health Insurance

Health Insurance

We help you find the best health insurance plan that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Vision & Dental Insurance

Get supplemental vision and dental insurance so you’re always protected.

Accident Insurance

Accidents happen, but with supplemental accident insurance, you're prepared.

And More

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College Student Health Insurance

Benefits of student health insurance plans:

Save Your Wallet

With student health insurance, you can access quality healthcare without emptying your pockets. This leaves you with more funds for textbooks and fun with friends.

Stay Ahead of Illnesses

With college health insurance, you’re never left scrambling for help if you’re hit by an illness. You’re able to quickly get the care you need so you can stay on top of your studies.

Get Healthcare All Year Round

College health insurance keeps you covered during breaks and vacations. You’re never left stranded without access to healthcare even when you're away from campus.

Meet University Requirements

Most colleges require students to have health insurance coverage. Meet your college’s requirements by getting student health insurance coverage.

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Affordable Health Insurance for Students

Getting the best health insurance shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag.

Protect your health and your finances with Paschall Health Insurance’s affordable health insurance for college students.

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Why Choose Paschall Health Insurance?

Personalized Client Care

At Paschall Health Insurance, we’re a small business that genuinely cares about you. That’s why we make sure you get the best student health insurance plan that fits you and your wallet

We've Been Doing This for Ages

We've been providing college student health insurance in Texas since 2006. That means we’ve been able to help countless college kids like you get the health coverage they deserve.

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

If you don’t love the college health insurance we pick for you, no worries. We’ll find you the best college insurance plan that works for you. We even cover application fees up to $50.

Beating the Competition

If you enroll in your college health insurance policy but find a better price somewhere else, let us know. We won’t just match it. We’ll beat it. We love helping you get the best coverage possible at great prices.

No Strings Attached

None of our insurance plans tie you down with long contracts. Every plan is on a month-to-month basis. You get total flexibility and control with your healthcare coverage.

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