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Paschall and Associates was founded in 2006 by Bill Paschall, an independent, licensed insurance agent representing many carriers. With over 25 years of management, consulting and sales experience working with individuals and business owners, Bill has a good understanding of the concerns that people have regarding health insurance in the United States.

Unlike a corporate or “captive” insurance agent, we are a truly independent health insurance agency. Health insurance is the focus of our business. This means our first concern is your health insurance needs, not the needs of the insurance carriers. Common courtesy and common sense are our standards.

Bill and his team serve the entire East Texas area, and our clients come from all walks of life. Some may live in a small mobile home, while others a huge house in a gated community. Some barely finished high school, some have PhD’s. Some wear jeans and work out of a pick-up truck, some wear a suit and work in an office. They all have one thing in common; they got tired of paying high premiums, deductibles and coinsurance and getting little or nothing in return from their health insurance company.

No two people are exactly the same, so as a result your plan is custom designed. You can use any doctor or hospital you choose, and pay no out of network penalties. You and your family are covered 24/7 on or off the job. Additional coverage options like critical illness, life, and accident indemnity coverage are available to provide complete protection. We present you with intelligent solutions to health insurance, which can reduce your monthly premium, eliminate high yearly deductibles, and provide you with increased outpatient coverage. Most importantly, we put you in charge of your health insurance.

As we all know, the health insurance industry has been experiencing tremendous change recently. These changes have destabilized the market and has resulted in confusion, discontent and especially higher premiums. Paschall and Associates can help you obtain secure and affordable health insurance anywhere in East Texas.

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