Group Health

Paschall Health Insurance can put in place a group health plan specific to the needs of your company, while allowing your employees the flexibility to design their individual health insurance plan to fit their lives. Your employees will be able to use any doctor, any hospital, anywhere in the U.S. at any time! Out of network fees and penalties never apply so your employees will truly be able to use the medical providers they like, instead of being told where they must go for treatment. Plus, they wont be burdened by huge deductibles and co-insurance costs to meet each year.

Another key ingredient is service, which Paschall Health Insurance provides after the initial enrollment. These features include tele-medicine, which will give your employees the ability to contact a doctor by phone for minor illnesses, allergies, and colds. They can use this for themselves and family, and in many cases this will eliminate the need for an office visit and keeps your employee at work. In addition, a special concierge service is available which will assist your employee’s and their families with finding doctors and healthcare facilities, obtaining best available pricing for medical treatment and prescriptions, scheduling appointments or transferring medical records. These services come built in with most of our plans at no additional charge.

This innovative approach Paschall Health Insurance brings to the issue of health insurance in the workplace makes it it easier to recruit and retain good employees, while lowering costs, which at the end of the day translates into INCREASED PROFITS!

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