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Navigating the maze of insurance policies, coverage options, and premiums is daunting. Don’t get stuck paying too much for a health insurance plan that’s not right for you.

Instead, contact the American Health Pro insurance company in Texas.

Bill Paschall is a licensed health insurance agent in Lubbock, TX. He understands the frustration that individuals, families, and businesses face when trying to find the best health insurance coverage. That’s why he helps you find affordable health insurance coverage tailored to you.

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Individual Health Insurance for Lubbock, TX

Finding the best insurance coverage can simplify your life and reduce your family's financial burden. At Bill Paschall Health Insurance, we’re committed to finding affordable individual and family health insurance. Our policies let you:

Choose any doctor or hospital across the nation

Consult specialists without needing a referral

Save 30-60% compared to other common plans

With Paschall Health Insurance, you get affordable monthly premiums, reasonable co-pays, and no annual deductibles. You can even customize your coverage with features like telehealth and concierge services.

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Group Health Insurance for Lubbock, TX Businesses

Make sure your business attracts great employees by offering great benefits.

Bill Paschall is a small business health insurance broker for Lubbock, TX.

We understand that for small businesses, investing in health insurance benefits can seem like a big financial commitment. That’s why we help you find the best plan for your employees and your budget.

Give your employees the freedom to visit any doctor or hospital they want. Get a group health insurance quote today.

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Short-Term Disability Insurance for Lubbock, TX

If an illness or injury leaves you unable to work, short-term disability insurance is a crucial safety net. It fills the financial gap between what your medical insurance covers and what it doesn’t.

Don’t get caught off-guard by unexpected health challenges that leave you struggling financially.

Our independent insurance agents help you find an affordable short-term disability policy that lets you provide for your family.

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Dental Insurance Agents for Lubbock, TX

Lots of people get stressed out by going to the dentist. However, those visits are a lot less stressful if you’re not footing the entire bill.

From baby teeth, to teenage braces, to dental implants and dentures, we help you find affordable dental insurance for every stage of life.

At Bill Paschall Health Pro, our dental insurance agents work with individuals and families to find the best dental insurance policy for them.

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At Bill Paschall Health Insurance, we love making life easier for families and businesses in Lubbock, TX.

We're not your typical insurance agents. Our team is client-focused. We prioritize your needs and help you find the best health insurance coverage.

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