Short Term Disability Quote

Have you thought about what would happen if you got sick or hurt and as a result couldn’t go to work?  Perhaps you are a construction worker, caterer, photographer or some similar occupation where if you aren’t at work you aren’t getting paid.  While it’s true your health insurance will pay your medical bills, (especially if purchased through Paschall Health Insurance) but what about the everyday bills that still need to be paid?  Things like the mortgage payment, food, utilities and other day to day expenses.    For this reason, you need short-term disability coverage, to replace your income while you recover from your illness or injury.  Too many people don’t consider short-term disability insurance, (or income replacement insurance) until it’s too late.

At Paschall Health Insurance we can help you build a custom designed plan that is affordable and will give you peace of mind if such an unfortunate event occurs.