Health Insurance in Tyler, TX

Bill Paschall is a licensed, independent insurance broker who is passionate about helping his clients find affordable health insurance in Tyler, Texas.

If you are looking for quality insurance for you, your family, or your business, Bill can help you find it.

At Paschall Health Insurance, we believe that acquiring quality coverage at a reasonable price is not far fetched. In fact, it is our standard, and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re not happy with your plan, neither are we. We will make sure you have the best health insurance companies in Texas and beyond available to you.

Family and Individual Health Insurance in Tyler, Texas

We believe the best health care plan is the one that meets your unique needs. That’s why we partner with highly rated carriers to offer you premium coverage and premium benefits without the premium cost.

Our low cost health insurance plans come with no out-of-network fees, so you have the freedom to choose which doctor you want to see and not be penalized for it. You don’t need a referral to see a specialist, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Some companies promise affordability and deliver low premiums with unbearably high deductibles or visa-versa.

At Paschall Health Insurance, we deliver the full package, with affordable monthly premiums, no annual deductibles, and reasonable co-pays.

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Group Health Insurance

The key to keeping great employees is providing them with great benefits.

Giving them access to quality health insurance at a reasonable price is one of the best ways to show your workers how much you appreciate them. We offer quality group health insurance packages to businesses in Tyler, TX.

These benefits seem almost too good to be true. They include the freedom to see any doctor your workers chose with no out-of-network fees and the ability to see a specialist without a referral from a primary care provider.

For small businesses, health insurance benefits may seem like a big investment. We’re here to help you navigate the complexities of all types of insurance, while remaining in a budget that works for your business.

At Paschall Health Insurance, you get top-tier group health plans at a price that increases your bottom line.

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Short Term Disability

Most people do not have enough money in savings to cover basic living expenses in the case of an injury that keeps them from going to work and not everyone works for a company that covers short term disability.

Health insurance will cover your hospital bills, but what will you do about your everyday bills and expenses?

If you’re unable to work due to illness or injury, the elimination period between your accident and when you receive benefits can feel like a lifetime. An independent agent can review the fine print of your insurance plan to explain the length of your benefit period.

Short term disability insurance is the perfect solution for many people, and Paschall Health Insurance in Tyler, TX offers incredibly affordable plans that can provide resources for several months up to two years after an accident.

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Dental Insurance

Finding affordable dental and vision insurance in Texas is absolutely possible.

From baby teeth to teenage braces to dental implants and dentures, our dental services cover patients at every stage of life.

Your affordable dental care in Tyler, TX will pay in full all costs for regular dental cleanings and general preventive services when you work with an in-network dentist.

The cost remains very affordable if you receive dental care from an out of network dentist as well. With almost 170,000 dentists throughout the nation that you can visit, you have the freedom to find a dentist you can trust.

We can help you find dental insurance in Texas with no waiting period for major services. Whether it’s a crown or a root canal, if you have an urgent need, we’ll make sure you’re covered.

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